Nike teases a lost shipment truck from 1985 as part of Stranger Things promotion

It was just a few weeks back when news broke that Nike was teaming up with Netflix’s Stranger Things for a new collab. The third season of the hit show will make its debut on July 4th and to celebrate, Nike is releasing a few new exclusive items.

On Monday, Nike teased a video clip about a stolen shipment from 1985 leaving many wondering what the heck was going on with this promotion:

If you call the number, Nike’s customer support gives you some coordinates to follow. The coordinates are located in Los Angeles near the Staples Center as J23 App points out on Twitter:

Shortly after the video released on Twitter, there was a leak with additional info regarding the collab. It looks like we are getting a whole new line of clothes that will likely be launched at pop up very soon:

As noted above, the first stage is set to drop in June and the second part will drop in July. Keep your eye out this week for more info.


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