If you’re familiar with Sean Wotherspoon or the Round Two stores, then this good news for you.

Wotherspoon’s Round Two store that specializes in vintage clothing, streetwear and pop culture has expanded over the years with stores in New York City, Los Angeles, Virginia and even South Beach. But now it’s coming to the Windy City.

The store started dropping hints back in January of 2019 with a few Instagram posts in the city of Chicago including this one from co-founder Chris Russow:


The store even has its own YouTube show which has aired four seasons so far and on an episode in January, Wotherspoon confirmed that the Chicago store was a go.

Fast forward to just this week and now it appears as if the store will be ready to open up in late July or early August. Wotherspoon posted photos on his IG of him in Chicago stating that the store is almost ready to go:


There is no official location just yet but if you’re big into thrifting and vintage gear, this is certainly a store you need to check out.

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