Chicago Bears rookie ratings revealed for Madden 20

Every year EA Sports releases a new edition of their popular Madden NFL game in the Summer as fans prepare for the upcoming season. This year, Madden 20 will release in early August as teams hit the practice fields for Training Camp in preparation for Week 1.

Madden is a great way to pass the time until actual football games matter in the regular season and the game is always a hit. As the calendar flips to July today, EA Sports released the full set of rookie rankings for each NFL team including overall, speed, agility and much more.

For the Chicago Bears, they didn’t have a first-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft and their first selection came in the third-round when they took David Montgomery. The former Iowa State running back was the highest-rated rookie on the team, as expected, earning a 71 overall. Below are the full overalls for each Bears rookie:

David Montgomery 71

Riley Ridley 69

Emanuel Hall 67

Dax Raymond 63

Kerrith Whyte 63

Duke Shelley 62

Stephen Denmark 60

Alex Bars 57

In doing so, they released this special video of rookies reacting to their overall rating:

Montgomery being a 71 overall fits what Madden wants to do with their new rating system. Before the game releases, they revealed that the ratings would be more spread out this year.

A 71 overall for a rookie running back is not bad at all although he will be behind both Tarik Cohen and Mike Davis ratings-wise in the game. Also remember that the game does update ratings as the year goes on so it’s very possible he could see an increase early on.

As for the other rookies, I don’t see a problem with their rating at all honestly. If I had to pick one to make a serious jump this season in ratings outside of Montgomery, I would go with Ridley. I think we could see him hover around 78-80 for most of the season.

For the full list of every rookie rating in Madden 20, please check out the official site for the game.


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