NBA Insider: Bulls make ‘a lot of sense’ for Russell Westbrook

Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers turned the NBA world upside down on Friday when the star not only made his decision to head to LA but the franchise also trading for Paul George.

As soon as people woke up on Saturday and realized what had happened, many then turned to Russell Westbrook and his future in Oklahoma City. While nothing has been decided as of yet, there have been rumors floating around that he would be traded.

Teams like Miami, Houston, New York and yes, even Chicago have been mentioned as ideal candidates to land the former MVP. On Monday, NBA Insider Brian Windhorst was on VSiN’s The Edge to discuss Westbrook and had something interesting to say about the Bulls.

When discussing suitors Windhorst told the hosts that “Chicago makes a little bit more sense, they have some really good young shooters….”

He went on to say a package could revolve around Zach LaVine, a first-round pick and other players. Here is the clip:

The Bulls are still rebuilding but this could be their chance to land a star like Westbrook for the rebuild. It would cost them some young talent but if they could keep Lauri Markkanen and Coby White, it might be worth doing.

Expect this rumor to continue to heat up as the weeks go on.

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