Khalil Mack earns 99 OVR rating on Madden 20

Khalil Mack is already one of the top defensive players in the NFL but now he will be one of the top players in the entire Madden 20 game.

On Thursday, Mack was revealed as the third player of four to be given an overall rating of 99 in the upcoming video game set to release in early August. He joins Los Angeles’ Aaron Donald and Seattle’s Bobby Wagner as three of the four players so far to have received the perfect 99 overall rating. The fourth will be revealed on Friday.

Mack’s 99 rating comes as he enters his second season with Chicago after being traded to the Windy City from Oakland just ahead of Week 1.

In 14 games played, Mack had 12.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, an interception and a touchdown. He helped Chicago’s defense become the No. 1 overall unit for most of the season, leading to an NFC North title.

Not only is Mack a 99 overall but he has also earned the Unstoppable Force Superstar X-Factor. As part of the new features in this year’s game, Madden has special traits for certain players to give them boosts during games. The trait is activated if he records two or more sacks in a game and allows him to win any one-on-one blocking matchup.

The full ratings for Madden 20 will be released soon.


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