Bears QB Mitch Trubisky helps kickoff Go Play Day with Nike Chicago

On Saturday Nike kicked off their latest campaign in a few big cities across the country, launching #GoPlayDay to help get the youth outside and playing different sports.

Nike Chicago teamed up with the Chicago Park District for the event hosted at Harrison Park in the Pilsen neighborhood. The event was put on with the youth participating in different sports such as football, soccer, basketball, running and more.To help celebrate the day, Nike brought in Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Red Stars standout Alyssa Mautz and Olympian Galen Rupp.

The message was to help kids get out and play sports and be outside for part of their day. By doing so, it helps lead to a healthy, active lifestyle. For Trubisky, being out here and helping promote the event was important.

“It’s huge, it’s amazing event and partnering with the park district to put on this event for the kids,” Trubisky said. “I know how important sports have been in my life and we just want to support these kids, give them an opportunity to be apart of something bigger. Get them outside and hopefully expose them to a sport or a game that they will fall in love with or develop a relationship that will help them later in life. But it’s all about getting outside, being active and helping these kids live a healthier lifestyle.”

Following the initial launch of the event with Trubisky, Rupp and Mautz, participants took turns at different stations playing sports. The trio also helped out at each station.

Despite all three athletes in attendance playing different sports, the message was clear.

“I think I would just tell the kids like it’s an enjoyment, it’s something that you can be around other kids and find friendships,” Mautz said. “So all of my friends I have met on previous teams, they are like my true friends, so it’s more of like having more friends and doing other things with them such as playing sports and being active, which leads to a healthier life.”

For Rupp, he was the only athlete that wasn’t involved in a team sport but instead an individual one. Still, he had a message for those that may take his path in the sport of running.

“It’s really just about getting out there and finding something and trying everything. I think that sports can teach you many things, not only what you learn on the field but off of it,” Rupp said. “All of the character, discipline, resiliently, coming back from disappointments, all of that stuff is things I think that can help you in life. Obviously living a healthy, active lifestyle is something that is really important. It all starts as a kid.”

Check out photos from the event:

In addition to Saturday’s event, Nike is giving the public a chance to help the cause this Summer. Customers can donate $1 to support three partnering organizations that are committed to providing sport for youth: Marathon KidsGirls Inc. and PeacePlayers.

They are also teaming up with the Chicago Park District for the Chicago Legacy Summit on August 24 as well as the continued roll out of the  How To Coach Kids digital program.

For Trubisky, taking part in a event like this is a no-brainer for him even with it being during his off time ahead of training camp.

“If I feel like an event like this is close to my heart and I can make a huge impact, then I definitely want to be involved. So of course Nike’s putting on this play day and it’s not all about football. It’s about coming out here, being active, trying different things with these kids and that’s something that is near and dear to my heart. I want kids to be active, hopefully it motivates them to go do bigger and better things.”


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