They caught ‘Chance the Snapper’, the Humboldt Park alligator and all it took was a #FloridaMan

It’s over.

Chance the Snapper has finally been caught after a week long hunt in the Humbolt Park Lagoon. The city did all they could to catch the alligator, sending experts out and even closing the damn park to find this animal.

But when they couldn’t get the job done, it was time to reach out for some help in the form of a Florida man. Chicago brought in alligator expert Frank Robb out of Florida and it didn’t take him long to get the job done.

The Chicago Animal Care and Control and the Chicago Park District confirmed the gator was safely and humanely caught on Tuesday by a wildlife expert per ABC 7 Chicago.

The 4-foot alligator did his best not to be caught for 8 days, hiding in the lagoon and rarely popping his head out. But Robb got the job done and finally spotted him.

“I think we had taken eight loops around the lagoon and surrounding areas before we finally saw him, but once we were able to see him, it was one cast, one cast and done,” Robb said at a Tuesday news conference per WGN.

Shortly after news broke that Robb had captured the alligator, he was deemed a local hero.

Robb threw out the first pitch at Tuesday’s Chicago Cubs game vs. the Cincinnati Reds at Wrigley Field:

The tour around Chicago continued for Robb who was invited to turn on Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park on Wednesday morning.

What a time.


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