6 Online Baseball Slots Games for Every White Sox Fan

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America and is viewed as the countries national game. In fact, this sport is viewed more than any other sport in America, with football coming a close second. Fans who want to play the game without getting on the field have a lot of choices, including playing on PC or console. If you love to play at a casino though, there are tons of slot games that you can play online. This list shows examples of the best baseball slots at an online casino.

King of Swing

King of Swing is a slot with five reels and multiple ways to win. With twenty-five pay lines that are visually displayed on the sides of the reels, you’ll never be confused about how to win. Although it has a low jackpot at 5,000 coins, you can still win big due to its medium volatility. There are no bonus rounds, but with the scatter symbols being easily won, you can seriously make mad coin with King of Swing. This baseball-themed slot gets you to match trophies, hot dogs, baseball cards and soda.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot captures the spirit of old school baseball in a big way. When you start the game, you’ll hear the ambient sounds of the crowd cheering you on like you’re apart of a baseball match. Symbols like a player a bat, popcorn, ketchup and fries and hot dogs need to be matched to win coins. You can set the coin denominations as high as 2.00, and as low as 0.25. Similar to King of Swing, you don’t need to hit a bonus to win big, as the scatters will do that for you. You can play baseball-related slot games and more at Casumo casino Slots.

Golden Glove

In Golden Glove, there are 20 pay lines with five reels and a maximum coin value of 5. Unlike the previous slot machines, this one has a progressive jackpot, so the jackpot will continue to grow as you spin. You’ll have to match hot dogs full of toppings, baseballs, popcorn, caps, and baseball gloves you win coins. The pay lines are easily seen at the sides, while the bet and line denominations are located at the bottom of the screen.

Baseball Slots

By Gameplay Interactive, this home run slot machine has 30 pay lines which give you multiple chances to win. Set in a stadium, the bonus game gets you to run the bases while gathering free spins and bonuses. To get this bonus, you’ll have to match different symbols on the reels, including the locker room, gloves, a trophy, the field, shoes, and more. The catcher mitt can earn you a bonus if matched, so keep playing until you hit a home run.

Baseball Bucks

Baseball Bucks captures the thrill of a baseball game with its great sounds and animation. You’ll hear the familiar ballpark organ, and the 9, 10, J, Q, K slot machine markers. The bonus feature is what makes this slot special, as it transports you to the pitchers’ position. Your job is to hit as many balls as you can to the specific spot on the board. You’ll win free spins while adding to the six you already have by getting the bonus.

Slot Baseball

These slots take a more literal approach by placing the game on a backdrop of a baseball diamond. The pay lines, although not displayed on the side, have 25 chances to win, which also makes the bonus game easier to match. As always, you’ll have to match baseball-inspired symbols like the catchers’ mitts, baseball caps, hot dogs and more, along with wild symbols. With a progressive jackpot, you’ll be able to win big, while laughing all the way to the bank.

These six slot games will keep you entertained during the off session, or during the World Series in between commercial breaks. There are always more slots available for sports fans, so keep your eye out for more of them to come your way next year.

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