How the Chicago Bears have failed in 2019

The Chicago Bears were thought as possible Super Bowl contenders two months ago, but the first game of the season was a sign of what has happened halfway through the 2019 NFL season.

The first weekend of November is upon us and the team is 3-4. In 2018, the Bears won 12 games and the team could easily have 5 or 6 wins with some good luck that has not gone their way. The month of October can be viewed as a turning point in a good or bad way and the Bears did not win a game in October.

Week 8 was the first one in which the offense gained 300 or more yards and still they only scored 16 points. 388 yards of offense should yield at least 21 points and the Bears don’t need to score like the Kansas City Chiefs to win games every week.

Chicago really struggled in the red zone, scoring just one touchdown in four trips. They had three trips inside the Chargers 10 in the first half and came away with just 9 points. That was the biggest difference in the game.

Injuries on the defense can not be lost in the discussion of the state of the team. Defensive end Akiem Hicks is on injured reserve and the earliest he can return is in the middle of December. If the team doesn’t turn the tide and narrative by then, it may be too late.

After the gut-wrenching loss against the L.A. Chargers, coach Matt Nagy gave Tribusky an assignment and that was to watch the TV broadcast. One of the details Tribusky was asked to keep an eye on was his facial expressions. After watching the TV broadcast, Tribusky was not pleased on what he watched.

“It was mostly just like a guy who looks super serious, kind of tense,” Trubisky said. “And that’s really not me. Especially when you’re going out on the field and playing the game you love. You should be out there having fun, which I usually am. But I’m not showing that.”

A couple of sore spots on the offense are glaring. The Bears are scoring less than 3 touchdowns a game, 18 points a game, which is in the bottom 5. Running the football has also been a sore spot as the Bears have averaged less than 4 yards per rush.

Establishing Soldier Field as a place where opponents fear you has not panned out in 2019. The Bears have only won 1 of 4 games at home, compared to last season, the monsters of the midway lost only 1 home game.

A one-dimensional offense is a liability, but both the running game and passing game have been liabilities, and it is understandable that the Bears are where they are halfway through the 2019 NFL season.

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