Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Always Bet On Your Favorites

Sports’ betting is exciting and even better, it is lucrative and can make you huge profits! While you can get the adrenaline rushing by betting on your favorite game, there is always a chance of making good money as well. But you need to be really smart with betting if you want to take it up as a sustainable income source. The inclination of putting your money on your favorite team or player will always be there, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned bettor. But is it wise to always bet on your favorites? Here are some good reasons why you shouldn’t be biased about them and should rather opt for a mixed bag. 

Risk of subjectivity

Successful betting is all about considering your odds objectively. When biases creep in, they affect your ability to think clearly and calculate the odds accurately. This is the last thing that you should do with a smart thing like betting on sports Even if you have teams and players you would love to cheer for, stay open to facts and statistics while you bet on them. Base your bets on the fact that even the best players and teams have winning and losing streaks. 


Another reason why you shouldn’t only stick to your favorites while betting is that there are chances of underestimation of the underdog. Remember that every team and player has a good day and you may lose a ton by underestimating the other side. Whether you are using a sportsbook or collaborating with a bookmaker, make sure that you base your bets on good knowledge and research of the teams. Don’t be swayed by emotions, rather take every decision on the basis of reasonable assessment of risks and probabilities.  

Low returns

As a sports bettor, your core objective would be to make money. Enjoying the game is something secondary. Betting on only your favorites elevates the risk of low returns, which is something that you wouldn’t want to happen. On the other hand, putting your money on the underdog gives you big chances. In fact, your odds are higher with the bigger underdog and you may end up making a fortune by betting on a team that is not the one you love.

Switching up is fun

Sports are all about fun and excitement and you cannot expect them unless there is unpredictability. Always betting on the same teams and players can make things boring while switching up keeps your interest in the game. At the same time, it somehow balances your portfolio if you look from the betting perspective. So it is smarter to bet on diverse teams and players rather than sticking to only a few you revere. 

Sports’ betting is a game of smartness and shrewd thinking rather than emotions. Of course, nothing matches the excitement of cheering for the team you admire but you need to take odds into consideration above everything else. This does not mean that you should not bet on your favorites. Only make sure that you are certain about the probabilities. 

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