Chicago Bears In The Race For 2020 NFL: How Does Their Fate Look Like?

The National Football Conference (NFC) has the strongest teams to battle out for the Super Bowl 54 on February 2, 2020. Amidst the challenge they’re getting from their rival division, which is the American Football Conference (AFC), the winning teams for NFC finish their season with flying colors.

The Chicago Bears are now getting the greatest attention from all esteemed football fans as they ended the NFC season very well. They successfully left the NFC North Division with eleven wins and four losses. That said, they are four steps ahead of their rival teams, which are the Vikings, Packers, and Lions.

With Chicago Bears’ graceful exit in the NFC North and expected appearance in the 2020 NFL finals, the odds value of all competing teams shifted. The Bears made a great number of favorites from many sports entities, becoming one of the toughest teams to beat in the Super Bowl 54.

As such, many pro bettors are considering to wager for this team. Not only because they have nailed a remarkable season, but because they are a threat to other teams. Will their luck continue in the upcoming NFL finals? Let’s take a look at the following reasons why Chicago Bears is a good value to bet in Super Bowl 54.

Defensive Strength

According to some sports analysts, Chicago Bears can potentially give all their competing teams a hard time. They have been improving their defensive strength through the years that they participated in the NFL games, making it one of their strong edges. The best part is that all their players have been doing good in this area.

What’s more, they’ve been continually developing their game plan and strategy every year. These reasons contribute to why they were able to end their NFC North Division career better compared to last year. Considering these, the team can potentially prompt a huge value, so betting on them is worth the try. Better add them on your list, where you easily pick favorites.

The “Nagy” Power

Matt Nagy is the current head coach of the Chicago Bears. By the time he worked with the Bears, one of the most significant moves that Nagy had done is a trade he made for Khalil Mack. By the time he made this decision, the Chicago Bears slew a lot in their performances and brought the team to appear in the 2020 NFL finals.

Nagy is allegedly working out a new scheme that Bears will use play in Super Bowl 54. Throughout his coaching career, Nagy has been specializing in the defense area of the Bears team, which became their biggest strength. Plus, he was a former quarterback player, so he got all that it takes in turning the Bears to be elite players.

Khalil Mack’s Star Quality

Khalil Mack is one of the best players to watch out for the Super Bowl 54, gaining ravishing odds of 100/1. He plays the outside linebacker position for the Chicago Bears and has been performing well during the NFL games.

Looking into the achievement of Mack, he got a lot of firsts. He was the first Bears player to win the award NFC Defensive Player of the Month since cornerback Charles Tillman in  2012. He had also recorded forced fumbles in the first four games of the season, making the first player to do so after Jaguars’ Brackens in 1999.

Aside from that, he also received recognition for being a three-time First-Team All-Pro in 2015, 2016, and 2018. He has been keeping and defending this record for his entire football career; that’s why Chicago Bears is in the excellent poise to might win in the upcoming NFL finals.

Mitchell Trubisky’s Charm

Trubisky’s appearance in the Chicago Bears will make the team’s defense more aggressive. He currently holds the quarterback position, having a great connection to Khalil Mack. If these two players will work together and plan their strategy carefully, the Super Bowl 54 championship might just be for the Bears this year.

Throughout the Super Bowl history, he was the first quarterback player to nearly record perfect pass yards. He also holds the title of the player with the longest yardage record, measuring 303 yards. It consequently made the Chicago Bears the best passing team in the NFL. More importantly, he was also a Pro-Bowl Awardee in 2018.


The Chicago Bears is heading to the 2020 NFL finals, which will serve as their 10th NFL Championship appearance. This NFC South team has recorded one Super Bowl for the entirety of their career. Also, they are one of the few football teams that hold the record for the most number of retired jerseys.

As the Super Bowl 54 comes very near, the Bears are hoping to play their best so they can bring home the second Super Bowl title this year. Hence, given the strengths of the Bears listed above, do you think they will clinch the victory in the NFL finals next year?

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