Betting Online versus in a Physical Shop: Pros and Cons

Online betting is tremendously popular these days. But does that mean it’s better than traditional bookie shops? Some people disagree. But as you’ll find out below, there multiple justifiable reasons as to why more and more people are ditching betting shops for online bookmakers.

Wagering at a Betting Shop

Finding a decent betting shop in Chicago is a hassle. Most gambling establishments throughout Illinois offer casino games like slots and blackjack. But when it comes to sports betting, only a few well-known establishments provide the service.

Despite that: betting at physical shops comes with unique benefits. Here are some of them:

One on One Support

In light of the ballooning popularity of online bookmakers, betting shops have enhanced customer service tremendously. It’s not unusual to be welcomed with a cup of coffee at the best shops.

Receptionists smile at you and offer to assist you to choose games and place bets. And that’s just the basics. In case you are new to betting, some shops provide helpful learning materials to help you make an informed decision as much as possible.

You can Watch Games

In addition to beautiful designs, betting shops are attracting young bettors by providing viewing rooms where they can watch games for free. The only requirement is to bet on a supported sport, no matter how small your wager is.

Of course, you can also bet as you watch games. And because shops are placing betting screens in all corners, you no longer have to contact the cashiers to learn about prices and odds.

Negotiable Odds

Although it doesn’t happen at all places, you can negotiate odds with some betting shops. That mostly happens if you are a regular customer who wagers reasonably high amounts of money. Still, that’s a favor almost unheard of at online bookies.

Using Cash

There’s something sublime in cashing out your betting profits in cash, an innate feeling you can’t get online.  People who’ve hate dealing with cash probably don’t care much about the feeling. But for the people who’ve won physical cash and loved the experience, there’s no better way to wager than through betting shops.

   Betting Online

Although betting shops are still thriving in most US states, the legalization of online betting is posing a vast problem to them. Here are the reasons:


Online betting eliminates nearly every barrier that stops people from visiting betting shops. You don’t need to leave your house. There’s no worrying about parking spaces or queues at the bookie shops. You also don’t have to bother anyone or interact with people.

With betting apps, you can wager at the comfort of your home, as you take the subway or your free time at work. What’s more, you can access the same online bookie using any Internet-enabled device. And because online bookies operate 24/7, there are no limits of when you can and cannot bet.

Bonuses and Free Bets

While betting shops welcome you with coffee and copies of sports magazines, online bookmakers reward you with betting money. You get a reward as long as you deposit the minimum amount, usually $10 or $20.

Considering online bookmakers support hundreds of games each week, there are plenty of ways to use up your bonuses. And if the betting cash is bountiful, you could use it to bet for several days. Some bookies give out bonuses daily or weekly, allowing you to minimize your expenses immensely. 

Improved Odds

If you are like many bettors, odds are the primary reason you bet at a specific bookie consistently. Good quality odds allow you to maximize your profits while poor odds diminish your wins. Fortunately, online betting sites tend to have better odds than physical shops.

So, even if you don’t wager at the best bookie sites, you still get better odds than someone who uses a physical betting shop. Of course, you want to punt at the best sites to stretch your profits. Otherwise, you’ll be earning less than most people who wager the same games as you do.

High Betting Limits

By law, there’s only too much you can wager inside a brick and mortar betting shop. Bookies also have in-house limits. But at online betting sites, these limits can be as high as $10,000 per game. The maximum payout rates also tend to be equally high. By comparison, physical shops limit you to $5000 or less.

Top-Notch Security

Unlike betting shops, genuine betting sites have measures to ensure security is uptight at all times. They encrypt your data to keep hackers at bay. They partner with respected banking partners to safeguard your cash and provide betting markets from professionally ran leagues.

The Limitations of Online Betting Sites

Some Sites are Scams

Although there are many genuine betting sites in the US these days, some companies are out to con unsuspecting punters. They don’t hold licenses and might not even be located in the US. Yet, these companies lure bettors with lucrative bonuses only to withhold winnings later on.  Due to that, new bettors are advised to spend time researching genuine bookmakers before they bet.   

Customer Help can be Poor

Unlike betting shops, getting the attention of online bookmakers can be challenging. Most of them have few customer help professionals and too many customers. So, when you experience a problem, it can take ages before you get a reply.

Your Records can be Traced

With many betting shops, there’s usually no need to keep your personal information. You bet on pre-printed slips, and that’s it. If you win, you receive your cash and the transaction is completed.

With online casinos, however, bookies have most of your personal information. They can monitor your accounts and close it down if you win too much or if a government agency authorizes them to do so.

To Conclude

Online betting is growing at such a fast pace that some people believe it will lead to the death of betting shops. But as records show, that won’t happen any time soon. Betting shops have been evolving too. And although they don’t offer as many benefits as online bookies, they have some unique perks.

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