Customers bought all of the legal weed in just six days in Chicago

Weed has been legal in Chicago for just six days and already customers have bought it all up.

Lines were crazy long last week when it became legal on January 1st, with customers waiting hours around the city at the local dispensaries to purchase weed legally. And the demand was so much, that all but one dispensary was closed as of Monday afternoon.

Block Club Chicago wrote on the closures and what to expect next for the dispensaries.

After spending more than $5 million statewide in the first two days of legal recreational sales in Illinois, cannabis customers continued to gobble up supply at Chicago dispensaries over the weekend despite hours-long waits in line. By Monday at noon, all but one dispensary was closed to recreational customers.

Of the nine Chicago dispensaries that began recreational sales on New Year’s Day, only two — Mission South Shore and Sunnyside in Wrigleyville — were still selling on Sunday afternoon. Some of the dispensaries will be closed every Sunday. The rest were closed because they were wiped out of product.

Only Mission South Shore was still serving recreational customers Monday afternoon. It’s unclear exactly how many dispensaries will be open the rest of the week, as the shops are using social media to urge potential buyers to check back for updates on when they’ll again be able to sell to the masses.

Look, this was pretty much inevitable. Anyone that saw the photos from last week with customers waiting in line had to imagine this was coming. The biggest thing now will be how many times this happens.

Will stores update the inventory? Will hours be cut? Stay tuned.


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