Report: “Massive changes” coming to Chicago Bulls front office?

After another draft of landing the seventh pick, the rebuild hasn’t accerlated like the Chicago Bulls had hoped for. They began the rebuild and tank after trading Jimmy Butler during the 2017 NBA Draft, landing Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen and Kris Dunn. Since then, the Bulls have added Coby White and Wendell Carter in the draft while doing very little in free agency.

As we sit here in January, the Bulls are 13-25 and No. 11 in the Eastern Conference. More importantly, there hasn’t been much improvement at all this season under Jim Boylen.

You can point the fingers in a lot of different places but the biggest blame goes on this front office with John Paxson and Gar Forman. For years the frustrations have mounted and a lot of it can go back to the basketball operations side of it all.

But is it possible there are changes coming?

ESPN 1000 host David Kaplan hinted at that during a recent show and that should be good news for Bulls fans. Here is what Kaplan said via our friends over at Bleacher Nation:

“From what I hear – and I still have good friends that work in the league, they [the Bulls] are readying a plan to overhaul everything in basketball operations,” Kaplan said on his ESPN 1000 show Kap & Co. 

“I don’t know who’s advising Michael Reinsdorf and Jerry, I don’t know who is going to be involved in their plan,” Kaplan continued. “I’m just telling you, people I still know and have a relationship within the league, saying, ‘yeah, there’s finally going to be massive change coming to Chicago.’ Massive. That’s how the guy characterized it to me. And that there’s going to be a clean[ing] out of the scouting department and how you construct a scouting staff and how you construct your front office and your operations and who’s going to be the head coach.”

Holy crap. Could it finally be happening?

If Kaplan is right and it happens, that would be huge news in getting things back on track for this franchise. It’s also possibly the only move that could save this franchise as they have been in this cycle of hell. Now it doesn’t mean that Gar/Pax would be fired or completely removed from the franchise but Jerry could look to bring in a new GM if possible.

There’s a lot that could be on the table. But can we actually believe it before we see it?

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