RUMOR: Chicago Cubs could trade for Nolan Arenado AND keep Kris Bryant?

There have been a lot of rumors and reports out there surrounding two of the best third basemen in all of baseball: Nolan Arenado and Kris Bryant. Both the Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs appear content with moving on from both players despite a trade still not happening.

Or are they?

While the St. Louis Cardinals are the hot name surrounding Arenado and them landing prospects Matt Liberatore, and Edgardo Rodriguez in a deal with Tampa Bay giving them a very intriguing package to send to Colorado, the Cubs might enter the sweepstakes as well. And they could keep Bryant in the process.

Wait, what?

Yep, you read that right. The latest report out of Chicago from MLB Insider Bruce Levine suggests that the Cubs could pursue Arenado while keeping Bryant as their everyday center fielder this year. Levine made it clear that this is a “pie in the sky” scenario as the Cubs are currently strapped for cash. They would have to move Jason Heyward’s contract to even sniff the idea of adding Arenado and keeping Bryant.

Bleacher Nation has the tweet on what Levine said while appearing on 670 The Score with host Matt Spiegel:

Spiegel then tweeted this just a few minutes after the segment:

We should probably temper excitement here as this is a long-shot scenario. But could you imagine if Theo somehow pulled this off with how slow and boring the offseason has been for the Cubs so far?

Hey, we can dream can’t we?

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