Chicago Bears odds to land Tom Brady set at middle of the pack

Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy committed early to Mitchell Trubisky as the starting quarterback in 2020 but that doesn’t mean they won’t keep their options open. We’d be completely shocked if the Chicago Bears didn’t bring in some sort of competition for Trubisky and potentially a starter.

Chicago has a defense that is built to take this team far and the biggest struggle right now is at the quarterback position. Many feel like the Bears are just a player or two away from being the top dogs in the NFC and getting to the Super Bowl for the first time since that 2006 season.

One quarterback that could be an option has Super Bowl experience and a lot of it.

Where Tom Brady plays next season will be a huge storyline to keep an eye on and it could change the landscape of the NFL for the next two seasons. Brady’s contract is up and if he doesn’t return to New England, there’s a chance he could end up in the Windy City. While there hasn’t been much news late on Brady’s decision, there was a small bit of news that could hint to what’s coming in the future. WEEI Radio host Greg Hill reported on Tuesday that the Brady Suite at Gillette Stadium has been cleaned out:

“The Brady suite at Gillette Stadium where (Gisele Bundchen) has been known to watch her husband play football has been cleaned out,” WEEI Radio’s Greg Hill said Tuesday. “It would appear to be, by those who are in the know, that it has been cleaned out in way that perhaps it has never has been cleaned out before.”

It could be a coincidence for whatever reason, so it’s not really concrete that he will leave New England. But if he does, should we expect the Bears to be interested?

Oddshark has listed their odds of what team will land Brady, and the Bears sit at +1600 which is right in the middle of the pack:

Los Angeles Chargers +200
Dallas Cowboys +700
Las Vegas Raiders +700
Indianapolis Colts +800
Carolina Panthers +900
Cleveland Browns +900
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +900
Denver Broncos +1200
Miami Dolphins +1400
Minnesota Vikings +1400
Chicago Bears +1600
New Orleans Saints +1600
New York Giants +2000
Jacksonville Jaguars +2500
Arizona Cardinals +3300
Cincinnati Bengals +3300
Los Angeles Rams +3300
New York Jets +3300
Philadelphia Eagles +3300
Pittsburgh Steelers +3300
Washington Redskins +3300

These odds are updated as of January 14th and could change depending on any scenarios that happen. At this point, it’s probably unlikely Brady ends up in the Windy City but if he somehow does, we have to imagine the Bears will be the NFC favorites next season.


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