NFL Free Agency: Eric Ebron Hints at Interest in Coming to Chicago

During the second game of Championship Sunday, while Chicago Bears fans were enjoying the Green Bay Packers getting their asses kicked by the 49ers, Akiem Hicks sent out a tweet asking how lit an NFC Championship game would be at Soldier Field. Bears fans are wondering the same thing, Akiem as it’s been almost 10 years since the franchise has hosted a NFC Championship Game in Soldier Field

I don’t know why Hicks was even at this game exactly, but what came next is what makes this interesting….

Are Ebron and Hicks friends off the field? Anyone know?

Even Tarik Cohen chimed in:

Emoji tweets are usually left to #NBATwitter, but we got a taste from the NFL Sunday night. Now I don’t know if this means that Eric Ebron is interested in coming to Chicago, he’s just interacting with a buddy, or if he too is genuinely wondering how lit it would be at Soldier Field for an NFC Championship game. Bears fans have the same question, Akiem, and Eric, the same question. The Bears haven’t sniffed a Championship game since 2010 when that SOB Aaron Rodgers sent the Bears home with a loss like usual. Man, I can’t wait till that dude retires…

Anyway, it’s been reported that the Colts are set to move on from Ebron, and the Bears are in desperate need of a TE. Could Ebron be a good fit? Before Andrew Luck retired, he was a touchdown machine for them, registering 13 TD’s on 66 catches, while also posting 750 yards receiving in 2018.

The problem is that the Bears still have Trey Burton. Who knows if he will ever be the same after an injury-plagued season, but he’s due a lot of money over the next two years. It’s not expected that Ebron would come at any sort of discount, so I can’t really imagine the Bears tying up all that money in the TE position. They’d probably have to move on from Burton first, which could be an option. I don’t know what the cap implications are there though. Not to mention that adding another TE who’s recently dealt with injuries could be a disaster. Maybe this is a bunch of nothing and he’s just trying to stir up some noise to get his name out there. We’ll see. One thing we do know, it’s going to be a busy off-season for sure.

Should the Bears go after Ebron, another free agent, or try and find a guy in the draft to erase the memory of Adam Shaheen? Comment below with what you think.

One thought on “NFL Free Agency: Eric Ebron Hints at Interest in Coming to Chicago

  • January 21, 2020 at 6:57 PM

    Trade burton for draft pick, sign ebron,draft a new tight end. Super bowl next year.

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