Passan: Nolan Arenado would ‘love to play’ for the Chicago Cubs

After months of waiting, the news finally broke on Wednesday morning that Chicago Cubs star third baseman and outfielder Kris Bryant had lost his grievance case against the organization, giving them an extra year of control. With that news, many now believe that Bryant being traded is only a matter of time before it happens.

Shortly after that, an interesting report from ESPN’s Jesse Rogers stated that the Cubs and Colorado Rockies have at least discussed a deal that involves both Bryant and fellow third baseman Nolan Arenado. Here is what Rogers said on an appearance on the “Kap and Friends” show on ESPN 1000:

“This is something I heard very recently. That, yes, Arenado would love to play for the Cubs, I agree with Jeff [Passan] on that,” Rogers said. “I’ll go one step further. That they’ve even discussed a one-for-one deal, Kris Bryant for Nolan Arenado, where the Rockies pick up a good portion of Arenado’s salary over the length of the contract. I’m talking $7 or $8 million per year.

“That’s how much they need to get rid of Arenado and he wants out.”

But it gets better.

Shortly before Rogers was on with David Kaplan, national baseball writer Jeff Passan made an appearance and dropped a tidbit. Passan told Kaplan that Arenado would “love to play for the Cubs” as the star is looking to get dealt from Colorado.

Our friends over at Bleacher Nation break that down here:

In short, Kaplan asked Passan what would happen if the Cubs, having traded Bryant for pitching (or whatever), called up the Rockies and offered Willson Contreras and Jason Heyward (and his contract) for Arenado (and his entire contract). Passan gave the old “Rockies would hang up” answer, specifically citing the $86 million remaining on Heyward’s deal as too much. Discussion about appropriate financial levels and what-have-you ensued. I tend to think Passan was understating the weight of Arenado’s contract, but it was the kind of quick back-and-forth where I’m not really criticizing anyone on the particulars. Passan and Kap were just talking.

But what was particularly interesting was what came next from Passan, which he said multiple times and with the certainty of someone who has heard precisely this: Arenado would love to join the Chicago Cubs. Love it, Passan said. Love it.

Woah. That’s some juicy information.

As it stands now it appears as if Bryant will be traded at some point this season. The unlikeness of him signing an big extension and the Cubs paying that money all point to him being gone. But if you can get a player like Arenado to replace him? Well then damn.

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