Allen Robinson Expresses Interest To Stay With The Chicago Bears Long-Term

Allen Robinson isn’t down in Miami to participate in the Super Bowl unfortunately, but he is down there for a pretty cool reason.

He’s one of the finalists for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, given out each year at the Super Bowl. His nomination comes from his work with his own foundation called the Within Reach Foundation. This foundation provides educational opportunities and resources to low-income and inner-city Chicago students to help put success within reach.

In talking to the Sun-Times’ reporter Patrick Finley while visiting South Beach, Robinson continued to express his support for quarterback Mitch Trubisky, but going into a contract year, he also expressed his desire to stay in the Windy City long-term:

“I want to be in Chicago, if they’ll have me,” he said. “The biggest thing is, I can’t make that happen solely myself. I just gotta control what I can control. I know that everything will probably play out fine.”

The Bears should without a doubt sign Robinson to a contract extension this off-season in my opinion. In his second season post ACL surgery, he really returned to the Allen Robinson that wowed everyone in Jacksonville. He finished the season with 98 catches (7th), 1147 yards (14th), 7 TDs (tied for 16th), and that was all with…let’s say less than stellar QB play. He was the bright spot of a down season that continued to produce game after game. There’s no reason to think that he couldn’t be a Top-10 WR in the league (contrary to Cris Collinsworth’s opinion). He’s probably in that conversation right now. If Trubisky’s play improves or there is a change at QB, he could very well climb that Top-10 list.

There have already been some significant changes to this offense this off-season by bringing in a new offensive coordinator, new QB coach, new offensive line coach, and new tight ends coach. It will be interesting to see how Robinson does in his 3rd year with the Bears, but the one part of the Bears offense that wasn’t a broken disaster last season was Robinson. The gameplan should not stray too far from one simple concept: Get. Robinson. The. Ball. If Allen Robinson wants to stay in Chicago, I say make it happen.

We’ll have ya, Allen.

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