Should the Chicago Bears Take a Serious Look at Philip Rivers?

On Monday afternoon, the Los Angeles Chargers made it official that they were moving on from long-time quarterback Philip Rivers making him a free agent for the 2020 offseason.

The team sent out this tweet announcing the move and ending an era for the franchise:

Truly the end of an era in (San Diego) Los Angeles. The end of an era usually brings about the beginning of a new one. Could this new one involve both the Bears and Rivers?

Eh, let’s hope not.

A lot of rumors are swirling and speculation building, and rightfully so. The Bears are obviously one team that is in the market for a quarterback to provide some competition for Mitch Trubisky, but I don’t think Philip Rivers is the answer. Do the Bears really want a 38-year-old quarterback coming off a 5-11 season, that hasn’t been able to get it done in the playoffs (5-6)?  After a string of consistency making the playoffs from 2006-2009, he’s only been able to take his teams back to the post-season twice since (2013 and 2018). The same amount of times the Bears have been to the playoffs since then.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect Philip Rivers and he’ll always be considered one of the really good quarterbacks in NFL history. He’s never hurt, he consistently throws for over 4,000 yards and usually hovers around a 90 QB rating. Watching him in a few games last season though, he just looked rough throwing the ball. He can’t throw the deep ball as well as he used to and looked like he was sort of pushing the ball when he released it. He’s just about out of gas.

It might be time for him to hang up the cleats and go spend time with his 9 kids. (That’s sooooo many kids, my God)

Fans may be anxious to get someone in the Bears’ facilities that isn’t named Mitch Trubisky, but there will be some better options. Notice how I didn’t say he was an NFL great up there. If the Bears are gonna take a risk on a veteran that’s north of 38 years old, he better be an NFL great, not an NFL really good (see Tom Brady and Drew Brees). There should be some options in the draft as well as some other vets that may be looking for a job like Andy Dalton, Marcus Mariota, Alex Smith, Teddy Bridgewater (probably too expensive), Tom Brady, Jameis Winston, and Case Keenum. Cam Newton and Derek Carr could also be some big names on the move. Those might all be better options with the exception of Alex Smith solely based on his recovery from the catastrophic injury he suffered.

Like I said though… a lot of options out there. NFL free agency begins on March 18th, and that’s a day all Bears fans should have circled on their calendar.

Who do you think the Bears should target at QB? Comment below.

2 thoughts on “Should the Chicago Bears Take a Serious Look at Philip Rivers?

  • February 13, 2020 at 12:26 PM

    Yes, you’d be crazy not to take Rivers. They have defense, need an experienced and gutty quarterback like number 17. Please! I am from Chicago and lived my adult life in San Diego. Rivers is a real threat to defenses.. will keep Bears defense fresh. That translates to division wins. Rivers can beat Green Bay.. If he beats Green Bay twice, its worth it! Rivers will read defenses and make Nagy powerful. It is the last shot….

  • February 14, 2020 at 8:58 PM

    Rivers is just too far past his prime. I just don’t understand why The Bears can’t buy into the notion of a really good quarterback of course being costly, but worth it moving forward. On that note, I would love to see Bridgewater as Trubisky’s competition. He’s younger than Rivers, & like Rivers, he will win games. Chicago has a history of not wanting to pay for top proven talented quarterbacks. If they are in it to win it, Bridgewater’s your man. Believe me, I would love to see Brady as quarterback, but realistically, it won’t happen. Rivers may help, but can we trust their drafting decisions on drafting a top tier quarterback, after let’s say signing Rivers to a 1 or 2 year contract? Right now it’s all confusing in Bearsland! I truly believe when it’s all said & done, Trubisky will be the starting quarterback with no one brought in to actually snatch his job. Mariotta would be a good fit, but again, will they be willing to pay him, especially if proving his worthiness as a legitimate starter? I just have a funny feeling that Chicago will screw things up again, insisting & securing the starting role to Trubisky.

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