Best Idea Ever? Girl Scouts sell cookies outside of Marijuana Dispensaries

Sometimes great ideas aren’t often given the proper credit and this might just be one of those situations.

It’s Mid-February and aside from College Basketball picking up, the NFL offseason beginning and the NBA set to hit their break with All-Star Weekend, it’s also time for Girl Scout Cookie deliveries. I mean, we all get them. Whether it’s a family friend or ordering from the sign up sheet at work, we just can’t help ourselves.

But this year. Boy, the Girl Scouts have a genius idea.

There have been photos of Girl Scouts setting up shop outside of marijuana dispensaries in Chicago and it’s a freakin’ great idea that should pay off for their sales. Take a look below:

When you have the munchies, what better way to satisfy that craving with those addicting Girl Scout Cookies? Thin Mints, Samoas, Lemonades, Shortbread or whatever flavor you like, they usually don’t disappoint.

Bravo Girl Scouts, Bravo.

Image via PekalaLaw


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