Scottie Pippen doesn’t hold back on Chicago Bulls

With the 2020 NBA All-Star Game and festivities set to take place in Chicago this weekend, ESPN’s “The Jump” was broadcasting live from the Windy City. During Thursday’s episode, former Chicago Bulls great Scottie Pippen made an appearance to talk about the NBA and even his former team.

Pippen didn’t hold back when discussing the current state of the Bulls, a team that he’s an ambassador for, and it was pretty spot on to the problems they are having.

Here is the full transcript from our friends over at Bleacher Nation Bulls:

Wilbon: “Half the time you’re looking out there, do you know who the starting lineup is going to be?”

Pippen: “No, I do not. I don’t know half the players on the team.”

Wilbon: “You can’t get to the 8th seed without help.”

McGrady: “I’m buying it, but those guys he’s talking about [the Bulls injured players], I don’t know if they start anywhere else, honestly.”

Pippen: “I follow what you’re saying, Mike, and I’m with Tracey. The Bulls starting lineup are not true starters in this league, you know what I’m saying?”


But is Pippen wrong? Nope. How things have gone lately in the GarPax era haven’t been great and it’s been very frustrating to say the least. Changes are certainly needed as the Bulls will miss out on the playoffs….again.

The Bulls didn’t make any moves at the deadline and haven’t received much from both Otto Porter Jr. and Thad Young, their 2019 trade deadline acquisition and their free-agent signee this past offseason. Heck, outside of Zach LaVine, there hasn’t been much to cheer full.

We will see if these changes happen.


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