Bulls head coach Jim Boylen has no plans to start Coby White

Chicago Bulls rookie Coby White is in the middle of a hot stretch here in his first season in the NBA.

The former one-year standout at North Carolina has scored 30-plus points in each of his last three games, becoming the first Bulls player to do so since Michael Jordan. The other important part of this is that White has accomplished this feat coming off the bench, becoming the first rookie in NBA history to do it.

With his hot play of late, many are wondering if White will get a shot at being a starter at some point in this season where the Bulls have just 20 wins and won’t be going to the playoffs. Don’t expect that to happen anytime soon as Jim Boylen explained via the Chicago Sun-Times:

“I keep getting this question, and I’m just going to answer it one more time: Coby is in a good place,’’ Boylen, bordering on agitation, said after the loss. “We’re going to keep him in a good place. I understand what you’re trying to ask. But let’s let Coby keep playing and keep developing and keep him in a good spot. That’s my goal right now.’’

Yeah, don’t expect that change anytime soon.

Boylen does have a point whether we agree with the decision or not. White has been valuable with his role on that second team and he’s seeing an uptick in minutes anyway. Being a starter might not exactly mean more minutes than he’s getting either.

White struggled in both December and January with his overall game and was averaging 9.54 points per game. He’s been very productive int he previous three games but is he ready to make that jump into a full time starter?

What we really would like to see is White and fellow guard Zach LaVine spending more time on the floor together. And that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be in a starting role either.

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