Report: Chicago Bulls could target Sam Presti for Front Office role

While Chicago was hosting the 2020 NBA All-Star Game a few weeks back, news broke that the Chicago Bulls were already starting the process of making some moves in the Front Office. They aren’t big moves with John Paxson still having a role but any news on that situation is good news.

On Tuesday, we may have received some more good news on that Front Office situation.

Reporter and radio host David Kaplan spoke on the situation on his radio show, Kap & Company on ESPN 1000, and brought up a big name as to who could be the Bulls top target. That name? Sam Presti.

Here is what Kaplan said via our friends over at Bleacher Nation:

Sam Presti is [the Bulls] number one target, that’s the guy they want. Can they get him out of a 10-year contract without having to pay an exorbitant amount of compensation remains to be seen ….

I’ve been assured that if Sam Presti can get out of his deal and the Bulls can get him they would be prepared to pay him whatever it took, and that’s probably five years at $50 million. So we’ll see, they’ve never done that before, they’ve never paid like that before, but from what I’m hearing, money will be no object if they can get the right guy.”

Holy smokes.

Presti is one of the best and most respected executives in the league and has been with Oklahoma City since 2007. While it’s unknown if Presti would have any interest in leaving his post with the Thunder, it appears as if the Bulls are seriously interested.

With looming changes, we want to see the Bulls do everything they can do to get a top guy. Presti is certainly a “top guy” and now the question is, can the Bulls lure him away?

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