It was over a year ago when ESPN announced one of their newest documentaries in the 30-for-30 series will tell the story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, titled “The Last Dance.”

The 10-part series is set to make it’s debut on June 2nd and will be a must-see for fans of Jordan, the Bulls and the NBA in general. But could we see it air earlier than expected

With no live sports in North America for at least the next few weeks, a rumor has floated around the internet that ESPN could release the special a little earlier than expected. It makes sense right? Well, on Sunday things got a little more interesting.

In the trailer below, it ends with “Coming in June” and was later given an official release date of June 2nd:

But something changed over the past few days and now the credits say “Coming Soon” leading many to believe that they could release it sooner rather than later:

Interesting, right?

It’s still a long shot for ESPN to release it in the coming weeks as it would be hard to push it to TV during that time. A source at ESPN says there are no current plans to release it early. But as we go on with more and more days of no live sports, that could change.

Let’s hope it does and we get this must-see series early.

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