Zach LaVine to represent Chicago Bulls in NBA 2K Tournament

It’s now been three weeks since we have had live sports on TV and although the Chicago Bulls weren’t making it to the playoffs again this year, it was still nice to have something to watch.

With at least another month and likely more without live sports, leagues and networks are resorting to classic games, programming and more to fill the time. But the NBA’s latest idea is pretty awesome.

The NBA announced that they will host a 16-player NBA 2K20 Tournament beginning this week. 16 franchises will participate with one player per team representing them. The tournament begins this Friday and will be broadcasted live on ESPN.

Guard Zach LaVine will represent the Bulls as the No. 7 seed and will take on Phoenix’s DeAndre Ayton as the No. 10 seed on Friday:


There will be one round per day, lasting 10 days with the winners advancing to the next round until their is just one player left. The games will be broadcasted live on ESPN networks and live streamed across the NBA and NBA2K’s social channels.

The winner will be crowned the ultimate NBA 2K20 champion and select a charity beneficiary to receive a $100,000 donation from 2K, the NBA and the NBPA in support of ongoing coronavirus relief efforts.


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