Latest report suggests Lauri Markkanen could want out if changes aren’t made

Changes are needed in the Chicago Bulls organization and hopefully they are coming sooner rather than later.

Just a few days ago, NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Bulls have begun their search for a new top executive in the front office, signalling those potential changes. The Bulls have a list of candidates who they hope can come in and turn this organization around in a hurry.

But will it be with their young core they currently have?

The Chicago Sun-Times Bulls beat writer Joe Cowley wrote on the potential changes Sunday and he detailed one player who may not be here if changes aren’t made quickly. According to Cowley, forward Lauri Markkanen would rather play elsewhere if the direction of the organization doesn’t change soon.  Here is what Cowley wrote on the situation:

Depending on who sits in those new GM/VP seats, Markkanen could be one such piece to be packaged, especially if they deem his unhappiness beyond repair. That doesn’t seem to be the case, but that will still have to be explored.

Markkanen has completely gone backwards in his development with Boylen, and has rarely been a factor on the court at the same time as Zach LaVine. One of those problems is very easy to remedy, especially if the new front office wants to bring in a head coach of their choosing.

The LaVine problem is much more difficult to figure out, especially because Markkanen and LaVine were identified as the two foundation pieces to carry this rebuild, and their games should complement each other.

We should note that Cowley did make a prediction on the situation and noted that he thinks the changes will be coming fast and will be quick enough to please Markkanen.

It’s no secret the Bulls are a mess right now and Markkanen’s development has trended downwards this season, which is not a good sign for a piece of their core. Chicago is going to have to get things turned around quickly or it could be another reset to their rebuild.


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One thought on “Latest report suggests Lauri Markkanen could want out if changes aren’t made

  • April 5, 2020 at 9:51 PM

    Mariana, Coby White wil bee wasted talent if they don’t run n off this coach, all players have regressed with Boylen 😡😡😡 so this fan will nail ship also if he’s retained

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