The Challenge 35 “Total Madness”: Week 1 power rankings

A new season of The Challenge is finally here as we are in a time with no live sports being aired. Many of us will turn to The Challenge as a form of entertainment and have been doing so for years.

The first episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, which is Season 35, aired last week and already there were fireworks inside the house bunker. With one episode in the books, lets look at our update power rankings for the rest of the cast.

ELIMINATED: Asaf (Episode 1)

Wont last long

27. Big T

After being eliminated two episodes in during War of the Worlds 2, Big T has a lot to prove. But until she does, she’s dead last in our rankings.

26. Melissa

She’s back. But it wasn’t a good showing in the first episode for Melissa.

25. Aneesa Ferreira

Tough seeing Aneesa last long in this game as she’s past her prime.

24. Jennifer

Another rookie that didn’t have a great showing in the first episode.

Something still to prove

23. Kaycee

The Big Brother winner is a strong player and I think she can make some noise in this game. I just have to see that before I move her up.

22. Swaggy C

Another Big Brother player that is making his debut. He’s in the house with his fiancee, Bayleigh, which could work to his advantage. Swaggy was eliminated early in Big Brother, let’s hope that’s not the case here.


Bayleigh made a big impression during the deliberations and she won’t back down from anyone. I like her style and her game so far in this season.

20. Kailah

It’s been a while since we saw Kailah but she makes her return. Judging by the previews, she’s here a bit and has at least one steamy hookup with Bear.

19. Josh

Josh is going to fall in love quickly in this show. Just wait for it…

Right in the middle

18. Bear

The ultimate Wild Card in this game. He already has his eyes on Kailah and anything could happen with him as we have seen in prior seasons. Still, he’s TV gold. You will see soon enough.

17. Nelson

He’s never won it all and heck, the guy didn’t know that Austin was the capitol of Texas despite living there. He’s got a lot to prove still.

16. Jay

Another rookie in this game that has been on Survivor and Ex on the Beach. He’s already made a statement and has the only red skull in this game.

15. Cory

He’s back. One part of the cringe worthy “Young Bucks” alliance is back after some time on Ex on the Beach and Teen Mom.

14. Nany

She had Asaf ready to give up everything for her. Classic Nanny.

13. CT

He’s a Challenge legend, there’s no doubting that. Heck, he made the finals and won last year. However, he’s not the same CT we are used to seeing and love. Instead, his game has changed and he lays in the grass waiting to strike.

12. Jenna

She’s back for another season but not here with her boyfriend Zach. Jenna has proven she can win some eliminations but this season could be a little different.

There’s potential there…

11. Dee

No one thought Dee could make it to a final and contribute. But she proved everybody wrong last season. Can she do it again?

10. Mattie

The Party Down South and FloriBama star is back. She’s shown she can make a final and is a tough out for the female competitors in eliminations.

9. Kyle

Technically he’s considered a Brit but it certainly feels like he’s an American. He has a deal with Rogan early to NOT say his name but we have a feeling that won’t last long.

Contenders? or Pretenders?

8. Ashley

She plays an interesting game and knows how to win with two titles already. It will be interesting to see how she fares this year and we got a small sneak peek of what she wants to do game-wise in episode one.

7. Fessy

This is my dark horse. He’s an absolute beast but picked the wrong alliance in Big Brother. He’s an ex-college football player that is strong and should fare well in these competitions. I think the rest of the players see that too and he wasn’t targeted right away in episode 1.

Outside looking in, for now..

6. Tori

One of the stronger female competitors in the house, Tori is hoping to finish it all this year after losing late last season. With her fiancee, Jordan, also in the game she has a good shot at making a run.

5. Wes

Something is different about Wes this season and I’m not just talking about the Bananas alliance. He’s changed his gameplay up a bit and it may benefit him. He’s got a solid chance at winning this thing if he plays his cards right.

The favorites

4. Johnny Bananas

Is a possible alliance with Wes really coming? With the new twist of having to win an elimination to reach the finals, this alliance may have come a little too late. Still, Bananas appears to be in good shape early on.

3. Rogan

The top Brit in the house, Rogan is coming off his first challenge victory ever from Season 34. After being eliminated in the very first episode of his first season a few years back, Rogan has appeared to turn things around and already has a deal with his enemy Kyle in place.

2.  Jenny

No doubt Jenny is the best female competitor this season and she proved that with a win in the very first challenge.

1. Jordan

He’s coming off an impressive season winning it with Team UK in season 34. Jordan has already established himself as one of the best players ever and is for sure on the Mount Rushmore of Challengers. Can he repeat?



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