Sporting News has terrible opinion on Chicago Bears uniforms

Look, times are tough right now as we are all (most of us) stuck inside quarantining trying to stop the spread of COVID-19 across the world. But I think some need to step out for some fresh air.

I’m looking at you, Sporting News.

With this pandemic there is still a need for content and we get all of the lists, Mount Rushmores and everything else outlets (including us) are putting out there. But there’s one list that is driving us nuts.

Sporting News ranked every NFL team’s uniforms from top to bottom and dropped the list on Thursday. One problem. They ranked the Bears No. 25 among all NFL teams. TWENTY-FIVE.


The Bears have a classic navy, orange and white uniform combo that is timeless. I’m not saying that the Bears should be No. 1 on this list but they really should be Top 10 at the minimum. They even talk about Nike taking over the uniforms in 2012 in which the Bears have not made a change to their traditional home and away jerseys.

Here is Sporting News’ explanation on the Bears’ uniforms:

This is another team set with its traditional look, and we respect that. The Bears also rank higher than the Colts because they at least have some versatility with their orange alternate jerseys and the classic look they used in 2019.

The Bears’ uniforms, though, are dull. As blasphemous as it sounds, a styling change in the number font and sleeve striping could work wonders. Chicago also could experiment with some white facemasks.

Chicago has a great color scheme, which makes the team’s insistence on sticking to its traditional look frustrating.

They have some classics like Green Bay, Dallas, Las Vegas and Pittsburgh in the Top 10. But no Bears.  C’mon show some respect for a charter franchise in the NFL.

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