VIDEO: 50-car pileup in Chicago on Wednesday morning

While it may officially be Spring according to the calendar, the winter weather isn’t done yet.

It got colder overnight in Chicago on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning there was a few inches of snow on the grounds and icy roads. Those icy roads caused for some dangerous travel in Chicago as 60 cars crashed into eachother in a pileup on the Kennedy Expressway around 5am:

Check out video from the crash:

Per ABC 7 Chicago:

The pileup occurred around 5 a.m. at North Avenue, and involved three semis.

Fourteen people were transported to hospitals, and 45 others were evaluated at the scene, Chicago fire officials said. Crews made sure victims kept their distance, taking into consideration COVID-19 guidance.

“Social distancing, obviously is our main concern, but we have another job to do as well as far as far as fires, accidents and other things we respond to every day,” said John Giordano, a CFD deputy district chief. “Aside from the pandemic that’s going on, we’re still dealing with everyday incidents. This is one of them.”

Stay safe out there everyone.


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