Michael Jordan wanted to be a weatherman growing up, instead he made it rain on the court

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 90’s are all the rage right now (again) as the first two episodes of ‘The Last Dance
premiered on ESPN Sunday night. So prepare for extensive coverage on our website.

With Jordan back in the news, a story of what the basketball icon dreamed to be as a kid resurfaced again. Barstool Chicago’s and D.J. Dante the Don wrote a blog on Tuesday resurfacing that story of Jordan wanting to be a weatherman growing up. He was fascinated with the weather and hoped to achieve that goal.

But it never happened. Instead, he went on to be the best basketball player to ever walk this planet.

Back in 2015 at his annual basketball camp, a camper asked Jordan what he would be doing if he didn’t play basketball or baseball. His answer?

I went to college. I got my degree in coastal geography. Everybody wants to know: What’s coastal geography? Well, it’s an introduction to meteorology. I always wanted to be the weatherman.

Don’t laugh. It’s funny, but that’s what I really wanted to do.

So if I wasn’t playing basketball or baseball, I was gonna tell you what the weather’s going to be like tomorrow.

You can watch the full video from The Washington Post below:

It’s never too late to add another thing to your resume Mike…

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