Dennis Rodman explaining the art of rebounding is incredible

Episode 3 of ESPN’ 10-part documentary “The Last Dance” aired on Sunday night and focused on the life and career of Dennis Rodman. “The Worm” still is a unique individual as pointed out by the episode but he was one hell of a basketball player.

Rodman took pride in doing the little things such as playing defense and rebounding in his game, allowing him to be one of the best in the NBA at doing that over the course of his career.

During episode 3, we got an inside look at the unique mind of Rodman and one moment that really stood out was him explaining how he rebounded so damn well. Rodman took us through his thought process which revealed hours and hours of not only practicing but studying other players as well.

It was pretty damn fascinating:

Rodman revealed that he had teammates and friends just shoot shots at all different spots and he’d go chase them down, spending hours in the gym practicing. It’s safe to say that he had the whole rebounding thing down to a science.

Say what you want about Rodman, but the man was absolutely dominant on the glass. He had a stretch in his career from 1991-98 where he led the NBA in rebounding per game and averaged over 18 a game in two of those years. He finished his career with 11,954 rebounds. Incredible.

Every team needs a guy who can lock it down on defense and not afraid to bang bodies inside for rebounds and Rodman was that guy throughout his entire career.


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