Anthony Rizzo shares story of taking BP at neighbor’s house during quarantine

Every day there seems to be a new story regarding what MLB could potentially do when it (hopefully) returns from this suspended season.

With most of the country staying home, including the players, we have had to find unique ways to stay busy. But for one lucky house, staying busy included letting Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo come over to take batting practice.

During an appearance on SportsCenter Wednesday afternoon, Rizzo revealed that he went over to a neighbor’s house to use their batting cage after he spotted it while on a bike ride. Rizzo said he and coach Mike Napoli went over and asked if they could hit in the batting cage while maintaining a safe social distance.

“Funny story. We ride bikes all the time, we saw that one of our neighbors in the neighborhood has a batting cage in their yard so we went and knocked on their door and asked if we could use their batting cage,” Rizzo said on SportsCenter. “So we have been using their batting cage. It’s been rally nice.”

Just imagine someone like Rizzo randomly knocking on your door to use your batting cage. Has to be pretty cool, right?

“So we went the first time and no one answered the door. So we went the second time and actually they were outside hitting,” Rizzo said. “It was perfect.  So I poked my head over the bushes and introduced myself. And fortunately enough they realized who we were and they were really kind. Kind enough to let us use their batting cage which, obviously in a time like this it’s easy to say “go away” because we aren’t sure where people have been. But I’m very grateful for that.”

Rizzo went on to say that he answered questions from the kids and gave some hitting tips in the process. That’s pretty damn awesome.


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