ESPN’s “The Last Dance” is all the rage right now following the airing of the first four episodes. We have six more to go beginning this Sunday with episodes five and six airing. Everyone wants to talk Michael Jordan right now whether it’s telling stories of their relationship with MJ, going up against him or even playing golf.

The latest to share a story was former Chicago Bears Super Bowl winning quarterback Jim McMahon.

During an appearance on 670 The Score’s McNeil and Parkins show, McMahon told some stories about playing for the Bears as well as being in the city along with Jordan. He pinpointed one story about playing golf with the GOAT and how he was even up after the first nine holes. After that, Jordan’s competitiveness was kicked into another gear and he raised the stakes a little bit via 670 The Score:

“It was usually $100 Nassau,” McMahon said. “That’s about all I could afford at the time. Playing for the Bears, I didn’t make a hell of a lot. I had to supplement by income somehow.

“I won some (against Jordan). I lost some. I remember one time we were playing … we had our $100 Nassau going and I’ve got him down maybe three bets, maybe four bets on the front side. I was playing pretty good that day. I tee my ball up on 10, and before I take a swing, he says, ‘All right, I’ll play you on this side for a million.’ And he was dead serious.

“I said, ‘You know, I’d love to do because of the way I’m playing right now, but somehow, you’d pull it out and then my kids don’t go to college. So no.’ I said, ‘You want to keep up with $100 (per hole), that’s fine.’ I said, ‘I don’t even have a million dollars.'”

McMahon shared a little more about the game plus what it was like being on that ’85 Bears team and pretty much owning the city of Chicago. It’s worth a listen and you can hear it here.

Don’t forget to check out episodes five and six of “The Last Dance” Sunday on ESPN.

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