Latest ratings numbers show “The Last Dance” continues to go strong

We are three weeks and six episodes into the 10-part ESPN documentary “The Last Dance” and the ratings show that the documentary is continuing off its impressive start.

After averaging 6.3 million viewers for episode 1 and then 5.8 million for episode 2, the ratings continue to be above 5 million. For this week, episode 5 averaged 5.8 million viewers while episode 6 was at 5.2 million. That’s an average of 5.5 million which is just below the 5.8 million for the entire series.

That 5.8 million is 62% more viewers than the next closest ESPN documentary “You Don’t Know Bo”, a huge jump:

While the numbers continue to hover around that 5.5 mark through the first three weeks, this past Sunday showed a decrease in the Chicago area.

Per the Chicago TribuneChicago Tribune, Neilsen is reporting that Chicago was 11.4% of the market, or roughly 371,230 homes, which is approximately 61,870 fewer Chicago-area households than watched episodes 3 and 4 a week earlier and 26,050 fewer than episodes 1 and 2 drew in the series’ first week.

Still, even with the dip the episodes were the most watched program on Sunday in the Chicago area.

We have two more weeks and four episodes left in this documentary, so let’s hope they have been as good as the previous three weeks.

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