Brooks Koepka once trashed talked Michael Jordan on the golf course and it was a bad idea

If there is one thing we have really noticed in the first six episodes of “The Last Dance” it’s just how damn competitive Michael Jordan really was during his playing days. And probably still is now.

I’m sure many of us have heard the stories in the past, but “The Last Dance” is starting to take it to a whole new level mixing in his gambling, golf and anything else he can turn into a competition.

The other thing to note is that these stories have not only come from his teammates but other athletes as well. The latest? PGA start Brooks Koepka.

During an appearance on SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt, Koepka tells a story of a time he played a round with Jordan. The two were playing a round and Koepka was 1UP on Jordan going into the 17th hole. Being up on the GOAT is something but trash talking him all day long? That’s a mistake and Koepka found out the hard way.

With Koepka trash-talking him UP1, Jordan simply told the pro golfer “It’s fourth quarter baby, I don’t lose” as he teed up his shot. Jordan wasn’t wrong. He won hole 17 and 18 to win the round.


Watch the interview below:

There is a moral to every story and for Koepka or anyone else that finds themselves playing a round against MJ? Don’t trash talk the GOAT until it’s officially over.

Episodes 6 and 7 of “The Last Dance” will air Sunday night on ESPN beginning at 8 p.m. CDT.



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