Robin Lehner’s Return To The Blackhawks Next Season?

With several Blackhawks fans wondering where their team will be when the season resumes, there is also the question of the team members. With Corey Crawford’s contract coming to an end and the potential signing of Robin Lehner back to the team when his contract ends, could we be seeing a huge change to the team in the near future?

The Short Career At The Blackhawks

Though he is one of the best players in the league, this star only had a short time at the Blackhawks in Chicago. With the club trading him to Las Vegas Knights in February of this year, many were wondering why the club where so quick to make the trade. As one of the best goalies a team could have, Lehner gained a following throughout his time at the Blackhawks.

A Trade To Las Vegas Golden Knights

In the NHL it is no surprise that if the price is right a trade is likely to happen. That’s why there are often times no hard feelings between players and the teams. However, since joining the team in Las Vegas, there has been one-star player blocking Robin Lehner’s chance of becoming the knights starting goalie and that is star goalie Marc-Andre Fleury As the go-to starting goalie for the team, it is looking unlikely that he will become the go for the team.

As a result of this, there are many wondering whether or not Lehner will be leaving the Knights at the end of the season. With his year contract coming to an end, many are wondering whether or not we could see him return to the Blackhawks when the contract expires but with several other teams looking for a new goalie to begin the season, could we see him start completely new with a new team in 2020. Many bookies taking bets on the NHL say that him leaving the Knights at the end of his contract looks likely. However, with the season currently on pause, it is anyone’s game, although you can always check the current odds in the different NHL betting bookies.

His Mission Of Becoming Starting Goalie

As a star goalie for the NHL, there is a lot of potential in a wide range of teams. But with that position filled at the Knights, Lehner may have to go elsewhere to be the first pick. This has many fans optimistic about the return to the Blackhawks at the end of his contract. With fans calling for a return to the team and the potential to be starting goalie ahead of the next season, several variables need to be aligned for us to see him in a Blackhawks uniform once again.

As Blackhawk Goalie Corey Crawford reaches the end of a six-year contract with the team, many are wondering just how successful Lehner will be in his mission to become starting goalie. This is because Crawford has expressed great interest in remaining with the team when his contract comes up for renewal. However, with the NHL season currently on pause due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the future of a majority of players in the NHL seems uncertain. As a result, may well see a mix up in teams or even brand-new faces making their way into the roster.

Could He Ever Return To the Chicago Team?

In order for Lehner to return to the Chicago team, the timing has to be right. With variables such as openings in the goalie market as well as the price, there is a lot for the star to consider before settling on a team. Of course, another variable which is having a huge effect on every part of decision making is the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. With no new contracts being signed and no new games being played, the future of the season is on hold until it is safe to resume. However, no one exactly knows how long this will be making it even harder to determine where this star will head when his contract comes to an end.

With this in mind, the future of the NHL is looking promising at this time as the end of contracts showcases the potential for a re-shuffle for the season ahead. Where do you think Robin Lehner will end up when the season begins again?

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