Horace Grant sounds off on Michael Jordan, calls him a snitch

ESPN’s 10-part documentary series “The Last Dance” gave us an inside look at Michael Jordan and the 90’s Chicago Bulls’ dynasty that came to an end with their sixth championship in 1998. The five-week event had fans glued to their TV’s for some never-before-seen footage and stories to be told.

Among them was a topic on Sam Smith’s book “The Jordan Rules” which detailed some potential riffs in the franchise in the early 90’s. Michael Jordan, Smith, Horace Grant and others talked about the riffs and who the potential sources for the book were. Jordan blamed it on Grant and while Horace did admit to having a close relationship with Smith, he’s always denied being one of the sources.

On Tuesday, Grant appeared on ESPN 1000’s “Kap & Co” to talk about “The Last Dance” and that era. He had some surprising things to say about Jordan and whether or not he is the source. He even went as far as calling Jordan a snitch:

There was always some bad blood between Grant and the Bulls after he left and joined the Orlando Magic in 1994. But it appears as if that bad blood has continued a bit with Jordan here.



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