VIDEO: Wild police chase through the streets of Chicago

For about 45 minutes on Wednesday night, a man led Chicago and State police on wild chase through the city.

The suspect was reportedly wanted in connection with a homicide and several shootings in the city and took off as police chased him. He led them on a 45-minute chase including crashing one car and then car jacking another at a gas station.

Check out the video below via WGN 9:

The wild chase went on the expressway, downtown, through neighborhoods and even into the stockyards before the suspect fled on foot and was finally captured. He struck a police vehicle at Irving and Ashland, injuring three officers.

Per WGN, the suspect is currently in custody.

One thought on “VIDEO: Wild police chase through the streets of Chicago

  • June 4, 2020 at 4:05 AM

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s things like this that make police judge us.. 7 shootings, we’ve gotta start reporting our neighborhood because this won’t change unless we do

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