7 Facts About The Chicago Bulls You Probably Didn’t Know

No matter how big of a Bulls fan you are, there are probably one or two things about the team you are not aware of. We’ve rounded up some facts about Chicago’s top basketball team that for you to learn. Keep on reading and get to know one of the world’s leading basketball squads a little bit better.

1. A Sinister Mascot

As you’re well aware, the Bulls’ mascot is Benny the Bull. Benny is a hugely popular and recognizable sports team mascot, making hundreds of public appearances throughout the year and earning a respectable following. What you may not know about him is that his two horns are colored red at the tip. Rather creepily, the red is meant to represent blood. This may make you see the mascot in a new light!

2. A Logo That’s Stuck

Believe it or not, the Chicago Bulls’ logo has been used since the team’s inception. It’s the only NBA team that’s never introduced any major changes to its logo over the years. The bull clearly isn’t going anywhere fast. 

3. Named After A Cuss Word

While the team’s commonly associated with bulls, that’s not what its name is based on. Dick Klein, the original owner of the team, wanted to name it after Chicago’s meatpacking industry, which at the time was thriving. His son got sick of the decision-making that wasn’t going anywhere and said, ‘Dad, that is a bunch of bull’. Klein then decided to name the team the Chicago Bulls after the cuss word his son used. 

4. Earlier Teams

You probably already know that the Bulls have been around since 1966. You might not know that they weren’t the first professional basketball team in Chicago. That honor goes to the Chicago Stags. However, this team was nowhere near as successful. In fact, it was only around from 1946 to 1950. There was another team that came before the Bulls and that was the Chicago Packers/Zephyrs. This one was even more short-lived than the Stags, lasting from 1961 to 1963.

5. A Keen Gambler

Michael Jordan, easily the Bulls’ most iconic player, has been known to enjoy a spot of gambling from time to time. He’s said to enjoy all sorts of forms of gambling, from betting on his own golf games, to even placing wagers on simple things like games of rock, paper, scissors. Reportedly, he doesn’t really bet on things like major sports events. But for those who are into sports betting, sites such as Betcompare.com are a useful resource as they list all the best betting offers currently available. 

6. The Flip Of A Coin

When the team flipped a coin for the first pick of the 1979 NBA draft, they lost. As a result, they ended up with David Greenwood, though if they’d won, they would have got Magic Johnson. Had they won, things could have turned out very differently for the team indeed. It’s crazy to think how a simple coin flip can have so much of an effect on a team’s future.

7. A Very Wealthy Franchise

Of all the franchises in the NBA, the Chicago Bulls is one of the wealthiest. It’s been estimated that as of February 2020, it’s worth a staggering $3.2 billion. What makes this figure even more impressive is that it’s just over 200 times the $16.2 million in which the team was bought for by current owner Jerry Reinsdorf back in 1985. It’s currently the world’s 19th most valuable sports franchise. 

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