Sammy Sosa believes the Chicago Cubs will retire his number

It’s a damn shame what the Chicago Cubs have done by shunning out Sammy Sosa since he left the team following the 2004 season. Since then, Sosa hasn’t been back to Wrigley Field or acknowledged by the franchise despite new ownership.

Sosa was a fan favorite during his time with the Cubs and is the only player in MLB history to hit 60 or more home runs in three seasons. He was one half of the amazing home run chase in 1998, battling Mark McGwire making for a magical Summer.

As we are days away from the premiere of “Long Gone Summer” which documents that home run chase, Sosa appeared with David Kaplan on ESPN 1000 Tuesday to talk about his time with the Cubs as well as his life since. One of the topics brought up was how the Cubs have treated Sosa and whether or not he will actually be welcomed back.

Sosa’s answer was a bit surprising to say the least:

That’s an interesting answer as Sosa believes that he will indeed be welcomed back by the franchise one day. But when? What is the riff between this current regime and Sosa? Do the Ricketts want him to admit he took steroids?

There are a lot of questions remaining but it was refreshing to hear from Sosa on this topic ahead of the documentary being released on Sunday.


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