The NBA season will resume in late July but the Chicago Bulls will not be part of it’s resumption. Bulls star Zach LaVine spoke on the news last week, breaking down some changes in the front office and what to expect in the future.

“It sucks. You’ve got to understand it. It’s a weird time, especially with everything that’s going on right now, but it’s upsetting too,” LaVine said. “We weren’t even good enough to get to the play-in game, so it’s upsetting and it just shows that we’ve got to do a lot of things differently to get ourselves that recognition to get to that spot.”


One of the biggest challenges facing the team is the perception from the outside. Whether it is true or not, the Bulls need to do better attracting big name free agents because that will help the team become more relevant.

“We have to change our identity and how we’re looked at as a team to become a winning culture, ” he said in part on a conference call last week. Much is on the line for the Bulls and especially for Lavine, who has worked real hard to be an elite scorer in the NBA but hasn’t garnered as much attention because he has been on some bad teams even before coming to Chicago. LaVine played two seasons for the Minnesota Timberwolves and the franchise won a grand total of 45 games.

LaVine was asked about the future of coach Jim Boylen and he responded by saying in part:

“I’m going to keep saying the same thing that I always have. It’s not for me to judge somebody. I think he goes out there and does his best. I don’t think anyone in this organization or the NBA goes out there and tries to fail.”

The biggest issue facing the team is the trust that Boylen has or lack thereof and if the front office decides to keep Boylen as their head coach, the lack of trust is going to impair the rookies and second year players to show what they have. For this franchise to be more relevant, there must be trust not just with the coaching staff to players but the other way around and the Bulls need a new face as their head coach if their goal is to be relevant again and make the playoffs.

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