How the last three seasons might’ve gone for the Chicago Bears with Deshaun Watson

The recent revelation that the Chicago Bears passed up on the talents of Deshaun Watson in the 2017 draft in favor of Mitch Trubisky has started a fevered debate among fans that use PA sports betting about the recent fortunes of the Chicago Bears.

It is fair to say that Trubisky’s time at the Bears has not been an overwhelming success. Chicago surprised everyone when they traded up to number two in the draft three years ago to acquire the North Carolina quarterback despite there being other excellent options available.

Trubisky did not exactly hit the ground running. He sat on the bench during the first month of the 2017 campaign but finally made the step up in week five after head coach John Fox benched Mike Glennon. The then 22-year-old had a solid but unspectacular season after that, finishing his rookie campaign with a less-than-stellar 4-8 record, though he did surpass a 2,000 passing yard milestone.

Things improved a year later when the Bears finished top of the NFC North with a 12-4 record and advanced to the playoffs. Trubisky logged an 11-3 record in his 14 starts and threw 24 touchdowns as Chicago eventually lost out to the Eagles in the playoffs.

Another average campaign followed as the Bears finished 3rd in the division last season with an 8-8 record as Trubisky struggled to come into his own. All of this happened while Watson, and fellow 2017 college graduate Patrick Mahomes, have gone on to much bigger and better things.

Many now believe the decision to draft Trubisky has been a franchise-altering mistake. Watson and Mahomes are now considered to be among the top five quarterbacks in the whole league, with the latter instrumental in the Kansas City Chiefs recent run to Super Bowl glory.

What’s worse for Bears fans is that Watson has now claimed in a recent tweet that the franchise “NEVER ONCE” talked to him. That turn of events is frustrating as the Bears can call on one of the best defenses in the NFL but lack a QB that can change games and regularly add enough points to the score tally to win matches.

Watson has racked up a host of NFL and franchise records during his three-year stint with the Texans thus far. It took him just 26 games to exceed 6,500 passing yards and 500 rushing yards, respectively, the fastest rate in league history. The Texans have gone from strength to strength with the 24-year-old dictating plays, and he looks set to improve yet further. 

The fact that the Bears passed on Watson in 2017 is baffling, considering he was a superstar at the college level and had been widely touted as the next big thing heading into the draft that year. Mahomes has hit even bigger heights though the Bears can be forgiven somewhat for missing out as he went under the radar.

The Bears, heading into the 2020 season, would have been in prime position to make a deep playoff run with Waston in the ranks and could have been looking back at an enviable record that perhaps included a Super Bowl appearance in one of the past three seasons.

Watson’s impressive statistics have been backed up by galvanizing leadership, a combination that will continue to put the Texans in the Super Bowl picture for some time to come. That is something that Chicago could have been benefiting from immensely.

The Bears meanwhile have turned to former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles as a potential replacement for Trubisky after declining a fifth-year option for the latter. The move highlights how the QB situation is still up in the air, and that indecisiveness could have an impact on their 2020 season.

NBC Sports NFL analyst Rodney Harrison believes it could now be a make or break year for Trubisky, who has struggled with consistency in play-calling during the last 18 months and warned that his very NFL future could be on the line. 

“If he doesn’t start this year, I’m going to tell you something, and this is going to play out, he’ll never start again. He’ll be a career backup,” Harrison noted. “He’ll be a career backup, and he’ll be considered one of the biggest busts.”

Bears general manager Ryan Pace has stated that he still believes Trubisky can be a franchise-leading quarterback. While Chicago fans will be hoping the Ohio-native can reignite his professional career and push the Bears onward to success, there will always be the nagging thought that Watson or Mahomes could be leading the team instead. 

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