Best NFL Football Simulation Game

Computer games are the best elements to pass time for the young generation now. Not only the kids, but the young guys and gals play computer games with equal interest. For football lovers now, different companies have developed games of football to play like video games. Here you can play in different world-class tournaments and can win prizes also. There are national and international level tournaments of these video games where you can participate with your team to play football video games.

How to Play the NFL Football Simulation Games?

  • To participate in the tournaments pre-loaded in these computer games, you need to choose the franchise first among the 32 franchises listed there. The names are always your known teams and cities.
  • Now you have to select a general manager as well as a head coach for the team. You may ask what’s the point to choose a good coach for the computer game, but a good coach can help you to get a couple of points at the end. So you need to choose your intelligence.
  • Here is the term to select your team. You may take players in of lower credit points but it’s your duty to make the team a champion. When you are choosing your team, you will see the skill parameter as Run Offense, pass offense, run defense, pass defense, and special teams.
  • After the selection, you will see the age of the players as well as the contract of the players in terms of years. You can have good skilled players as they are under the age of 25 and after the age of 30 the skills will decrease. There are rating systems in these games where you will be able to see the squad performances as per the skill ratings. The ratings range from 0 to 5 stars. Getting a good player from a team is like getting free CSGO skins which costs very high.
  • The payers for different positions are fixed in the team. This is not that you will take all the offensive players in your team. You need to take the players in combination. You need to sign 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, and 2 wide receivers for sure. Along with them, you need to take players for 1 tight end, 5 offensive linemen, 4 defensive linemen, and so on.
  • Like the real games, there are free agents in this game whom you can take in your team to play for you. These agents are not having any team right now and you can sign them for your team at any time of the season. You can make contact with them for a time period of 1 to 5 years and at the same time, you can negotiate with them. Negotiation is not necessary and you can offer as per their needs.
  • Here you need to prepare the draft of your team with 32 members out of whom, only 8 will play for you in each match. If you don’t have 32 players in your team, then you can go back to the free agency and can pick up new players.
  • At the training camp, you need to cut down players from your list. But remember that you should have the minimum number of players for each and every position.

Some Best Football Simulation Games

  1. Draft Day Sports College Football 2020

You can’t imagine any season without college football where every single match counts. Only a single victory can make all your efforts go useless. In fact in this game, you need to plan for your victory even before the start of the tournament. The latest technological innovations, as well as the AI-based computer simulations, have increased the speed of the game. The penalty logics, as well as another stoppage of playgrounds, have improved more than the previous versions. Prestige tracking for historical achievements has been added to make this game more exciting.

  1. Draft Day Sports Pro Football 2020

This game has kicked off with all new features into it. You need a good and intelligent football mind to play this game and make out of the game strategies. You will have an option here in this game as a custom play builder and you can make the team as per your wish and requirement here. Through this feature, you can set multiple actions for every player and create offensive and defensive plays for each of them. You can enjoy total control over your players. There are options to import and export playbooks to share with your community. You will see the players and the coaches are more lively in the game. The game interface also has got some additional refreshing characteristics like mini-player cards to need to hover over the names of the players. It also benefits you by showing the skills of the players before you call them.

  1. Ct Football Manager (CTFM)

In this game, you have to play the role of the head coach or the manager of your own football team. You are provided with the depth charts, recruitment authority of players, making tactics and schedules for training and diet, etc. this game is featured with a lot of infrastructural features. You will be able to choose the team from 130 NCAA college football teams. You can choose players from more than 500 different colleges and will have more than 30 bowl games and more than 50 rivalries. This game is featured with such AI-based features that the CPU team will hire players for every new tournament. The game will get updated into regular intervals. You will have the best ever experience of NFL football simulation games.

  1. Front Office Football 8

The best features are,

  • In made offensive playbook where you will be able to make a list of 200 offensive play strategies to use during the games.
  • You have the option to select your starting team so that you can have enough control over your team.
  • The game planning is more realistic and based on reality. You can customize the actions of your players for every single situation.

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