2020 MLB: Top 10 Baseball Players That Might Stand Out In Futures Betting

While the NBA and NHL have plans to return beginning in July, Major League Baseball is still negotiating for its return and it doesn’t look good. MLB and MLBPA have sent offers back and forth ranging on a difference in games and money over the past few weeks but have yet to come to an agreement. A sad storyline that fans have followed since April.
While more proposals likely coming soon, bettors are hoping to smell a breath of fresh air and have games resume. In line with the potential fanless MLB game series, the betting games must be convened online, so make sure you only sign up with a trusted online sportsbook.

One of the betting games you can play in the upcoming baseball tournament is the MLB futures bets. These are mostly played in the entire MLB showdown, either gambling for the best team or players. Below are the top ten most influential MLB players to look out for this season. 

Mike Trout 

Mike Trout has been playing for the Los Angeles Angels since 2011. In his entire MLB career, he was considered as a strong contender for the All-Star and MVP awards in2012. Trout carries an incredible MLB record as the best hitter. During the last four seasons, Trout recorded 146 home runs and 87 stolen bases. 

Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts is currently holding a right fielder position for the Los Angeles Dodgers. This is his second year with the Dodgers after joining in 2019. He reigned as MVP in 2018 when he’s still with the Boston Red Sox. Mookie Betts will be a huge Dodgers gain if he plays great in the upcoming MLB season. 

Christian Yelich 

2018 was a great year for Christian Yelich to show MLB fans that he can slay in the baseball field. Yelich has been playing as an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers since 2018. Last season, his Wins Above Replacement (WAR) reached a 7.1 rating, which comprises 40 stolen bases and 69 home runs. 

Cody Bellinger 

Cody Bellinger joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2017 as a first baseman. He had the most impressive WAR last MLB season, tallying a career-high rating of 9.0. Also, as he took the rookie role with the Dodgers upon joining, Bellinger left all the fans in awe after recording 15 stolen bases and 47 home runs. 

Alex Bregman 

The Houston Astros have a player to boast, going by the name of Alex Bregman. He was holding a third baseman role with an 8.4 WAR record last season. Along with his impressive performance last year, he was able to complete 41 home runs with 1.015 OPS. If he exceeds that record in the upcoming season, his futures bet odds value might increase overwhelmingly. 

Gerrit Cole 

The New York Yankees aren’t getting left behind as Gerrit Cole takes the top spot for the best MLB players in the field this season. Positioned as a pitcher, Cole ended last season with a 6.9 WAR. He used to be an underrated player when he was still with the Astros but bounced back big after joining the Yankees, tallying an all-time 13.8 strikeouts in nine innings. 

Justin Verlander 

Justin Verlander has been the Houston Astros primary pitcher since 2017. He is a recipient of two Cy Young Awards in 2011 and 2019. By the time he started playing for the Astros, Verlander was able to record a total of 223 innings, 2.58 earned run average (ERA), and 300 strikeouts. 

Jacob deGrom 

With last season’s 7.3 WAR, deGrom is undeniably one of the most accomplished baseball players to look forward to in the upcoming MLB edition. He has been a pitcher for the New York Mets since 2014. Looking into his current baseball records, he was able to make 2.43 ERA in 204 innings.

Francisco Lindor 

Francisco Lindor has played as a shortstop for the Cleveland Indians since 2015. He is also one of the most versatile players you must consider for the 2020 MLB. During the last season, Lindor has tallied 32 home runs, .854 OPS, and 22 stolen bases. 

Nolan Arenado 

Completing the line-up of the ten players who have the highest value in the 2020 MLB Futures bets is Nolan Arenado. He has been playing as the third baseman for the Colorado Rockies since 2013. In the last edition of MLB, Arenado ended with a .800 OPS, which was considered as one of the best ratings in the MLB playoffs in 2019. 


As the 2020 MLB moves forward on July 14, this sporting event will create another historical edition of baseball games. With bettors looking forward to playing the Futures bets, don’t hesitate to gamble for the top players listed above as they can help you hold all the ace cards when this tournament settles. 

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