2020 NBA Draft: Intriguing options for the Chicago Bulls

The 2020 NBA draft won’t take place until October 16 and speculation continues the closer draft day arrives. This draft will be one of the most important ones in recent history considering the team is in year four of a rebuild and a new front office has been put in place.

“I like a lot of players that are in our range,” VP of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas said. “I think we’ve done a lot of work studying. That’s why the excitement is coming from studying those players and interviewing them and looking at the video. So I think we’ll add a good player to our roster next year.” Regardless of who the team takes with the NO. 7 pick, there are multiple issues the team needs to address.

Who may the Bulls select?

The official decision is still months away but a couple players stand out. Tyrese Haliburton from the Iowa State Cyclones is 6-foot-5 and can have a height advantage over some guards and uses that advantage to make life difficult for defenders. Furthermore, Haliburton has the makings of a Zach Lavine, where he can create his own shot and the Bulls could use more of that.

Lonzo and Lavar Ball get the attention but LaMelo Ball will be on many team’s radars. LaMelo is 6-foot-7 and the extra few inches can help him pass the ball over shorter defenders. Furthermore, some believe LaMelo has the greatest potential of the Ball brothers because he is better at the rim and is a better passer.

Will LaMelo be able to adjust to a more physical league with size and will his jump shot accuracy improve?

Since the Jordan era ended, the franchise has selected some solid players but have failed to pan out. Drafting the right talent is one element, the other is developing and the team has had issues with the second step. Will there be any disagreements between GM Mark Eversely and Karnisovas on specifics, will there be a difference of opinion on who will address the weaknesses better? The draft is always an important part of the year for any team and the Bulls need to draft talent that they can develop the talent more successfully. More importantly, the Bulls need to be seen on the NBA radar from the outside.

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