Jim McMahon once drank a crazy amount of Bloody Mary’s during a Golf Tournament

The legend of former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon continues to grow.

The one that they call the “Punky QB” is one of the more polarizing players the franchise has ever seen as he helped lead the team to a Super Bowl during the 1985 season. While McMahon was fun to watch on the field, it’s his off the field personality that provides all of the great stories.

A few weeks ago we told you a great story about McMahon and NBA legend Michael Jordan on the golf course and now a new story has surfaced.

McMahon has played in his fair share of celebrity golf tournaments over the years and the latest was over the weekend at the American Century Championship. The quarterback hasn’t missed the tournament in 31 years and was on the course barefoot just sinking putts like he’s used to doing:

McMahon has tons of great stories from the event but none better than the one he recently told. During an appearance on the “Subpar” podcast with hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz, McMahon told a story of how he finished 12 bloody mary’s while playing a round at the tournament. He even threw up but continued on to finish the tournament.

“I was playing, I think it was my 10th year there,” McMahon said. “The guy I was just talking about was caddying at the time and he said ‘look, let’s try something different this year. Let’s maybe get a little sleep, get up hit some balls, get some breakfast. Don’t drink. I said ‘Okay, 10th year we will try something different.’ So I get up, get 8 hours of sleep, get up and get breakfast. . . I go out there, I fire a smooth 88.”

“I tell him, ‘Dude now we do it my way’ and the rest of the day we stay out hammering drinks. I probably get 2-3 hours of sleep. I look over and in the tent there I see a guy drinking a Bloody Mary, I say ‘Hey is that any good,’ and he goes ‘It’s a double, it’s great.’ I taste it and I go ‘wow that is good.” . . . He brings me 11 doubles on the course that day. And so, I don’t remember him doing it but I guess my caddy took my drink away on 16th cause I was walking funny on the fairway. On No. 9 at Tahoe, the old No. 9. . . I’m sitting there playing with Vinny Del Negro and William DeVane. So Vinny is over his ball and he’s waggling and it got to be worse than Sergio [Garcia] sometimes. It’s like ‘Is he ever going to swing?’ and I’m sitting there holding my throwup in. I start inching my way to the back of the tee. I get as far away as I can about 15 yards and he’s still waggling. And I just jet puke. Then I gave him another one. . . I double bogey the hole to shoot 72.”


McMahon can drink 11 double Bloody Mary’s, throw up when former Bulls coach VDN is teeing off and still manage to shoot 72. What a damn legend.

You can listen to the full interview here. I highly recommend it!

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