SOX FINAL CUT PODCAST: White Sox Clubhouse Vibes

This week’s episode of the Sox Final Cut podcast focuses not just on recapping the game against the Cubs Sunday night, but also focusing on the camaraderie this team has in the clubhouse, on the field, off the field, in the media and social media, pretty much everywhere you look.

We have a great mixture on the White Sox this season of young up-and-coming players mixed with A few veterans that are either in their prime or some may consider them just slightly past their prime but still have valuable experience and plenty of gas left in the tank.

Give the episode a listen below:

Listen to “Sox Final Cut: A White Sox Podcast” on Spreaker.

A couple of things unite this team.

The first is obviously wanting to win baseball games. The rebuild is over, the window is open. It’s time to win now. Having players who are so different like Giolito and Tim Anderson, who happen to get along great and back each other up not just in baseball but in life, shows you a lot about what this team is made of. But back to on field results. Watching the White Sox blow the game open in the 5th inning with 6 runs gave us a preview of what we can expect to see this season. Our starting pitching might be a question mark but this offense will keep us in a lot of games. When Madrigal is finally in the lineup, probably batting 9th, we’re going to see pitchers struggle to get through our lineup.

They won’t have a single break and we couldn’t be more excited to see it. A final takeaway is watching Robert hit against other teams pitching for the first time in months and seeing him adjust from one bed to the other. He is going to be a stud.

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