Chicago White Sox and Cubs Grab 10 Total Spots in Bleacher Report’s Top 100

Bleacher Report released their Top 100 MLB players ahead of the much anticipated 2020 MLB Season Tuesday and the White Sox ended up with 4 players on the list, while the Cubs ended up with 6.

Pretty good showing for the city of Chicago.

They looked at Track Records, Upside/Downside, Health, and did not include prospects to come up with their list.

For the White Sox:

  • Yoan Moncada – 26th
  • Yasmani Grandal – 30th
  • Lucas Giolito – 38th
  • Tim Anderson – 70th
  • Dallas Keuchel was also mentioned as “just missing” the list

For the Cubs:

  • Javy Baez – 22nd
  • Kris Bryant – 52nd
  • Kyle Hendricks – 65th
  • Anthony Rizzo – 66th
  • Yu Darvish – 78th
  • Willson Contreras – 84th

Par for the course for the Cubs, but it was nice to see some White Sox get some recognition. You would expect Grandal to be up as high as he is, but Moncada being up that high came as a bit of a surprise.

Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s deserving, but he’s often overlooked even in top third basemen lists and discussions. Granted there are still 5 third basemen ahead of him on this list, but he should at least be mentioned, it’s just a stacked position.

It was a little surprising to see Kris Bryant at 52, especially with how much more praise he gets than Moncada. They mention his shoulder injury in 2018 carrying into 2019, but he’s still just a few years removed from an MVP and World Series. He’s got a lot of baseball left in him.

What do you think? Did Bleacher Report get it right? Who should be higher or lower?

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