The Wieners Circle throws shade at Edmonton ahead of Blackhawks series

While the MLB, MLS and NBA have made their returns for pro sports here in America it’s the NHL’s turn to do the same. The league officially returns on August 1st, playing in two host cities in Canada as they begin their qualifying round for the Stanley Cup Tournament.

Among the matchups in the qualifying round we will see is the Chicago Blackhawks taking on the Edmonton Oilers. The Blackhawks were one of the last teams to get into the tournament but nonetheless they are in and have a chance to make some noise.

But while there wont be any fans in the stands to cheer on the teams, The Wiener’s Circle is upping the ante for the matchup and did so in an awesome way. They released a special (NSFW) video dissing Edmonton and offering a free hot dog for the first fight of the series.

Yup, the first fight gets you a free hot dog at the Lakeview location. Check out the NSFW video below:

Alright, let’s see the gloves drop and the Hawks take the series to advance? Does that sound good?

Game 1 takes place on Saturday, August 1st with a puck drop scheduled for 2 p.m. CST. The best-of-five series will take place throughout the week with the winner advancing into the tournament while the losers go into the offseason with a chance at the No. 1 overall pick in the NHL Draft.

Check back with for complete coverage of the series and more NHL news as it becomes available.

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